Megger MLLF

Simulate a low-level voltage source from a Rogowski coil MLLA provides filtering of the low-level outputs Can be used with any SMRT or FREJA 500 series unit* Three Rogowski output voltage ranges available, 2, 10 and 40 V Millivolt output in low voltage range, with high resolution and accuracy In Rogowski mode, the current channels will convert from a current source to a millivolt source. This will allow the current channel to simulate a low-level voltage source from a Rogowski coil. The MLLA will provide filtering of the low-level outputs from the latest version of voltage/current generators in the Megger SMRT series and FREJA 500 series test sets. There are three ranges for the Rogowski outputs, 2, 10 and 40 V, with high resolution and accuracy. When in the low voltage mode, the voltage channel provides 0 to 2 V with high resolution and accuracy. Use the low-level outputs available on the latest versions of SMRT and FREJA relay test sets for testing relays, which use low voltage signals from non-conventional CT’s and VT’s such as Rogowski coils and CVT’s. The current and voltage channels can be configured to simulate low-level outputs using RTMS (Relay Testing Management Software) on a SMRT or FREJA on a FREJA 500 series unit. Low-level outputs are available from the voltage and current channel output terminals through the individual MLLA low-level filters. For testing relays like the ABB REF615 and Siemens 7SJ81, the low-level filters provide the interface between the SMRT/FREJA relay test set’s converted low-level output terminals and the low-level signal interface cables to the relay under test. * The MLLA works in conjunction with SMRT/FREJA hardware revision 3.51 or higher, minimum firmware of 6.150 and RTMS Software driver version of D100.53 at a minimum.
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