Megger IDAX300 and IDAX350

State-of-the-art measurement of moisture content, tan delta / power factor and oil conductivity using DFR (Dielectric Frequency Response) Dedicated test procedures for power transformers, bushings, and current transformers Automated individual temperature correction (ITC) for accurate comparison with reference data/tests Reliable measurements even in high interference environments Fastest system in marketplace due to novel and reliable combination of frequency Fastest system on the market, due to its novel and reliable combination of frequency and time domain measurement data IDAX is an insulation diagnostic instrument based on DFR (Dielectric Frequency Response), also known as FDS (Frequency Domain Spectroscopy). DFR technology is an established test procedure in laboratories, that in an innovative effort by Megger, has been adapted for field use in the IDAX range of instruments. In short, DFR is the measurement of capacitance and losses (tan delta or power factor) over multiple frequencies. The measured DFR curve is dependent on insulation geometry, moisture, oil conductivity, and temperature. By advanced curve fitting to the reference material model, it is possible to calculate moisture content mainly in solid insulation, the oil’s conductivity at 25 °C reference temperature and tan delta/power factor at 20 °C reference temperature. In the these calculations, ITC (Individual Temperature Correction), another important Megger innovation, is used to translate test data from the test object temperature to the reference temperatures. The IDAX SW incorporates a ITC corrected frequency sweep specifically designed for assessment of instrument transformers and bushings. Thanks to a novel approach to the combination of time and frequency domain data, IDAX provides the shortest measurement time in the marketplace for a full DFR measurement from 1 kHz to 10 μHz. Separate reference models are fitted to each data set (time or frequency) prior to transformation and combination, which eliminates the risk of artifacts introduced by approximations or transformation of incomplete data sets. IDAX is exceedingly easy to use with an automated test flow and presentation of results that uses an easy-to-undertand “traffic light” manner. The IDAX DFR method is now part of international guides and standards e.g., Cigre TB 254, Cigre TB 414, Cigre TB 445, Cigre TB 775, IEEE C57.152-2013, IEEE C57.161-2018 IDAX is available in multiple versions IDAX300 – A compact and light 3-channel input (red, blue and ground), 3-terminal (generator, measure, and guard) and one ammeter instrument for use with an external computer that runs the IDAX diagnostic software. IDAX300/S – As IDAX 300 but with two ammeters for two simultaneous measurements. IDAX350 – As IDAX 300/S but housed in a rugged and waterproof case together with an on-board computer that can also be used to control other Megger instruments. IDAX322 - AS IDAX 300/S but with built-in 2 kV amplifier for higher signat-to-noise ratio in lo capacitive test objcts. Ideal for field testing of bushings.