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Megger DETEX

  • Voltage detector
    • Seven models available
    • Continuous monitoring
    • IEC conformance
  • Phasing tester
    • Two models available
    • Grounded or ungrounded AC system check
For use on any grounded electrical system, the DETEX voltage detectors and phasing testers are also piezo verifiers. Piezo verifiers are an essential safety tool used to confirm the correct operation of voltage detectors and phasing testers that do not have a self-testing capability. When the verifier handle is depressed at the rate of 3 strokes per second, a piezo crystal generates approximately 1800 volts. This voltage, when applied to the tip of the detector, tests the integrity of the current path and ensures the proper operation of the indicators. All DETEX models provide continuous monitoring with no on/off switch. Voltage detectors The voltage detectors come in seven models that cover everything from distribution class to transmission line voltages up to 550 kV. These models include six electronic 'beeper' models that provide audible and visual indication of the presence of phase-to-ground AC voltages, in accordance with ANSI C84.1-1982 standards. They also include one model that uses an LED indicator designed for indoor testing grounded AC systems as the bright LED provides easy visibility in poor lighting conditions. Phasing testers The phasing testers come in two models for applications up to 34.5 kV systems. These models have LED indication.
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