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Megger DCM340

  • DC and AC current and voltage
  • 600 A and 600 V
  • Resistance and continuity
  • 31/2 digit, 4000 count display with backlight
  • High resolution digital bargraph
  • Peak, min/max and data-hold functions
  • Zero-offset REL mode for comparative measurements
  • Supplied complete with test leads and carry case
  • IEC61010 CAT III 600 V
The DCM340 digital clamp meter is a highly versatile instrument ideal for use in the installation, maintenance, monitoring, or checking of AC and DC electrical systems and equipment. Indeed, it has been designed for use on electrical systems and equipment where there is a need to measure current, volts, resistance, and frequency. It is therefore intended for use while installing, maintaining, fault finding, or monitoring those systems. The current measurement combined with the comprehensive and accurate multimeter functions of the DCM340 eliminate the need to carry around both a clamp meter and multimeter - this instrument does it all! What's more, the DCM340 has a min/max and a peak-hold feature that enables you to identify maximum load currents from your equipment, such as start-up currents to motors and heaters. Thanks to its the added benefit of DC current measurement, the DCM340 can also be used in other applications including:
  • domestic power generation from solar panels and wind turbines
  • battery monitoring
  • automotive uses for charging and load circuits
  • electric vehicle servicing such as fork-lift trucks
  • lift maintenance
  • UPS commissioning, servicing, and maintenance
  • electro-plating plants and welding equipment servicing
The DCM340 is safety rated to IEC 61010-1 Cat III 600 V, and is drop-tested to 1.2 m onto a hard floor. It comes with test leads, a carry case, and a full 1-year manufacturer's warranty!
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