Megger DCM310 and DCM320

Option of current only (DCM310) or multimeter (DCM320) models Measures up to 400 A AC with low current ranges for improved resolution Data hold function 600 V AC/DC (DCM320) 20 MΩ resistance (DCM320) Max hold (DCM310 only) Small pocket-size design Exceptional battery lifetime Supplied with carry case IEC61010 CAT III 600 V The DCM310 and DCM320 digital clamp meters are ideal for use during the installation, maintenance, and inspection of electrical systems and equipment. Indeed, the large clamp jaw enables cables up to 27 mm in diameter to be measured, which covers the majority of applications within the electrical system installation industry. Both clamp meters will measure AC current (50 to 60 Hz) up to 400 A, with a 'Data hold' feature that freezes the displayed value so you can have more time to read the display, this is particularly useful in confined situations where the display may be harder to see. The DCM310 also has a 'Max hold' feature that automatically stores and displays the maximum value measured over a period of time. The DCM320 can measure both AC and DC voltages up to 600 V and resistance up to 20 MΩ via the terminals and supplied test leads. It also has a continuity buzzer that operates up to 20 Ω. Both meters are safety rated to IEC 61010 CAT III 600 V, offering you high levels of protection. What's more, carrying cases are included for the instrument and, even without the case, they are rated to withstand a 1.2 m drop onto a hard surface without damage.