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Keysight M8199A Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Get the highest sample rate and the widest bandwidth arbitrary waveform generator in its class with up to four synchronized channels operating simultaneously in one module up to 70 GHz analog bandwidth built-in frequency and phase response calibration for clean output signals 6 effective number of bits (ENOB), DC to 50 GHz, Fs 100 GSa/s intrinsic jitter at < 75 fs continuous sample rate range at 100 to 128 GSa/s (four-channel), 200 to 256 GSa/s (two-channel) Keysight’s M8199A arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) features four channels at 128 GSa/s or two channels at 256 GSa/s with up to 70 GHz nominal analog bandwidth. This industry-leading AWG delivers twice the sample rate and 50 percent higher analog bandwidth than any solution on the market today. As a high-performance arbitrary signal source, the M8199A enables the development of designs up to 140 Gbaud, including advanced components for terabit transmission systems.
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