High flexibility, galvanized steel strand, triple back weave. Health and safety requirements are vitally important in overhead cabling. Due to their special construction the cable grips for overhead cables from KATIMEX® represent the ideal solution for this application. Extensive tests in a recognized test centre confirm that the grips meet and exceed health and safety legislation. The triple weave construction of the cable grip guarantees an effective gripping action over the entire working length. All overhead cable grips are manufactured using 19 strand wire and aluminium ferrules protect the grip being damaged from the overhead cable. KATIMEX® cable grips for overhead cabling with braided eyes are very elastically and suited for the transfer of extension pulling force. Their flexibility allows an effortless run over the capstan of overhead or pulling winches. Due to their enormous pulling force they are also suited for Aldrey-ropes. KATIMEX® Dual-Wire cable grips are designed specifically for extremely high pulling forces.