Katimex KATI® TWIST 2.0

With the new Kati® Twist 2.0 Katimex® closes the gap between Perlon rods and the high-quality Polykat® fibreglass profiles. The modern design and impact-resistant plastic housing additionally offers the function of easy and quick winding. For the user, this means a great time saving after cable pulling and reduces the risk of accidents on the construction site due to pulling tapes lying around. Thanks to the M5 thread, Kati® Twist 2.0 is compatible with the complete range of accessories of the Kati® Blitz or Cablemax and the extra short rod end allows passing through extremely tight bending radii.

The 3-fold twisted plastic pull-in tapes have a high tensile strength. Tensile loads up to 130 kg tape/starting sleeve) are possible without any problems. Like all Katimex® products, the pull-in Rods of the Kati® Twist 2.0 can also be repaired by the user. Accessories included: 1 Pulling Grip Kati® Twist 2.0 1 flexible guiding head Ø 10 mm 1 pulling eye, brass internal M5 threat, Ø 6 mm Productinformationen: Rod-Ø: 4.5 mm Tube-Ø: 16-32 Breaking strain rod: 2.5 kN max. tensile strength of press connecti