Optimal solutions for quick and safe installation of cables. A lot of hose securing grips for industry, wind parks, lifts, cranes are often used under extra ordinary stresses and strains. Hose securing grips are used for safe fixing of high-pressure hoses. Sudden occurring energies, for example by loosing of a hose from an armature could lead to serious injuries and material damages. Our special Hose securing grips help to prevent this. The hose securing grips are supplied in zinc coated wire or stainless steel and are equipped with thimbles (available in steel or stainless steel). The pressed sleeves ensure a regular load of the full length of the mesh. The ends of the grips are not soldered or pressed but woven back to the beginning of the cable grip. This avoids injuries and damages of the cable. Cable-Ø : 8 - 10 mm Pulling force : 5 kN Breaking load : 15 kN Working length : 740 mm Inner diameter of thimble: 14 mm