All strands at the beginning of the grip are bound together and pressed together in a ferrule with an eye. The pressed ferrule is chamfered in the direction of tension to prevent it from snagging in the conduit. The tension is transferred uniformly over the entire length of the mesh. This avoids a concentrated load and helps prevent breakage and damage of the cable. The working length also referred to as nominal length is the effective length of the mesh to the cable using a medium cable diameter (square mesh). The ends of the cable grips are not soldered or pressed. Instead they are woven back to the beginning of the cable grip and therefore minimizes the risk of injury for human as well as for cable. As manufacturer of hand woven cable grips KATIMEX® are able to offer individual solutions to suit the special needs of the customer. Grips can be manufactured to specific lengths and can be fitted with cable eye stiffeners (thimbles) as required. Breaking load : 18.8 kN Pulling force : 9.4 kN Working length : 900 mm Cable-Ø : 10 - 20 mm

KATIMEX® offers a wide range of cable grips for underground cabling. The single eye, galvanized wire cable grip is manufactured using highly flexible 19 strand double cord. Therefore the grip maintains its high flexibility under high tension. The standard single eye closed grip is simply pushed over the end of the cable. The different types of cable grip offer a complete range of sizes to suit cables 10 mm to 180 mm diameter.