Especially designed for domestic installations. Using cable grips for indoor installations make it easier to pull power and telecommunication cables, as well as several single wires in one operation. They are particulary flexible and can also be used in ducts and conduit with small diameters. For domestic installations cable grips make it possible for the electrician to pull cable through quickly and safely without having to strip the cable first or tie it off. It is simply slipped over the cable and grips it firmly even with low pulling tensions. The integrated swivel prevents the cable grip from becoming detached from the pulling rod, should there be any torsion in the cable when it is being pulled through. All cable grips in this series are made of galvanized steel and have a M5 screw connection which makes it compatible with Kati® Blitz and Cablemax pulling devices. They can simply be attached onto the fibreglass pulling profile and thereby form an effective pulling system.