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Megger HV DAC series

  • Compact and transportable; permits use on difficult to reach switchgear and substations
  • High testable capacity of 8 μF allowing testing of long cables
  • State of the art PD measurement technology: live evaluation, localization and display of results
  • Available in 200 kV and 300 kV model; other voltage levels on request
The HV DAC series is designed for after-laying testing on newly installed HV-cables as part of quality control, and for condition assessment on repaired or service-aged HV-cables. The key benefit of this test set is the compactness versus testable capacity. With this transportable unit, cables with a length up to 32 km can be tested. In addition set-up within a substation is also no problem; no more roadblocks needed compared to using resonance test sets on large trucks. As of its portability and short set-up time it is possible to quickly respond on changing weather conditions. Because of its low weight there are no special requirements needed for road conditions. Air transport is also no problem, keeping transport times to a minimum and maximising the efficiency in use of the system. The test set incorporates a partial discharge (PD) detector, allowing monitoring the quality of workmanship and the condition of the cable. The PD measurement system is state of the art with live evaluation, localization and display of results. Maintenance activities can be directly planned during the actual measurement. All data is stored in a powerful cable data base, where data can be easily accessed again, and reports printed.
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