Fujikura Optical Fiber Identifier FID-30R/31R/32R

FID-30R and FID-31R are optical fiber identifiers for fiber optic data communications cables. The FID-30R has a built-in optical power meter. The FID-30R series is equipped with world-class signal detection sensitivity. The FID-30R series can detect optical power on not only standard fiber but also bend-insensitive fiber, ITU-T G.657 fibers.  Functional and Ergonomic Design - The FID-30R series physical form factor prioritizes ergonomics with its design. It is easy to grip and handle when operating. The operator can easily maintain proper pressure for bending the fiber for testing. Also, the long slim head makes it possible to access narrow spaces. The location of the LCD monitor is in an easy to read position for observing results.
The universal head of the FID-30R series eliminates the need to change an adapter head for jacketed, coated, or fiber ribbon, making it versatile in the field.
LCD Touch Screen with Back-Light – The FID-30R series LCD touch screen with back-light makes operation outdoors during the day or night simple, since the on-screen information can be clearly read in either situation.
Trigger Lock Function – It is not necessary to continually apply pressure to the trigger when measuring due to the trigger lock feature. This prevents the operator from breaking the fiber, and allows them to perform other tasks while measuring if needed.
Foreign Light Detection – When the 30R series detects a foreign light source, the FID Monitor external light alarm actives and shows both arrows, left and right, simultaneously. This reduces operator error when attempting to detect the traffic or tone signals.
When head replacement is required, it is possible to replace the head without any tools.
Power Meter for FID-30R – The FID-30R is also equipped with a power meter. The connector head is interchangeable for use with SC / FC / ST / LC types.
ONU Detection for FID-30R/31R -The ONU signal can be detected without disconnecting the fiber. Operator can verify correct fiber without visiting customer premises.