Fujikura Mass Fusion Splicer 90R Kit series

The 90R is a mass fusion splicer capable of splicing up to 16 fiber ribbons. The 90R series is the first of its kind with an innovative user replaceable V-groove assembly which makes cleanliness and application versatility an issue of the past. Spare replaceable V-grooves are supplied as standard item in the 90R kit.
  1. Replaceable 200μm/250μm spacing V-groove – The 90R features an easily replaceable V-groove system, which allows customers to install and remove the V-groove very quickly. Almost all ribbon cables that have already been installed contain ribbons with fibers that have 250μm coating and therefore a 250μm fiber-to-fiber spacing. But with increasing cable densities, cable installations with 200μm coated fibers at a 200μm spacing is increasing. The 90R user can splice various types (and combination) of ribbon fiber by switching the
    V-groove spacing between 200μm and 250μm according to the type of optical fiber to be spliced.
  2. Minimizing the downtime on the field – Accumulation of dust and melted glass on the V-groove is one of the causes of high splice loss during fusion splicing. The 90R includes a spare set of 12 fiber V-grooves with electrodes installed and ready to splice as part of the standard package. These spare V-grooves are field replaceable, so user downtime is minimized. The electrodes are pre-stabilized, so electrode stabilization is not required.
  3. Universal Fiber Holder – The FH-70-12 fiber holder is compatible with many types of 12 fiber ribbon, such as 0.3mm or 0.4mm thick encapsulated ribbons and 200μm or 250μm coated Spider Web Ribbon (SWR). The 250µm spacing V-grooves in the FH-70-12 fiber holder simplify SWR loading and ribbon preparation.
  4. Ribbonizing Tool – The RT-02 is a tool which enables quick and easy ribbonization of 12 individual fibers into a temporary ribbon which can be spliced using a 90R. No glue or adhesive is required when using this ribbonizing tool since the arranged fibers are immediately loaded into the fiber holder. The RT-02 doesn’t require the user to insert the fibers in the color code sequence, which is necessary with other ribbon arrangement tools. The user can choose any fiber at random and place it in the correct slot by referring to the color code label on the tool. The RS-02 is applicable to ribbonize both 200µm and 250µm coated fibers. It’s also capable of ribbonizing 200µm coated fibers into 250µm spacing ribbon using the FH-70-12PC pitch conversion fiber holder or a 200µm spacing using the “Red Label” FH-70-12-200 (200µm spacing) fiber holder.
  5. Pitch Conversion Fiber Holder – The pitch conversion fiber holder, FH-70-12PC, enables pitch conversion of individual 200µm coated fibers from a 200µm to 250µm spacing. It also enables many ribbons with 200µm spacing to be converted to 250µm spacing so they can be loaded into the standard 90R 250µm V-groove.