Fluke Network OptiFiber® Pro OTDR Family

Makes novices into experts and experts faster
  • Multiple wavelengths (850, 1300, 1310,1490, 1550 and 1625 nm) support LAN, datacenters, PON, FTTx and outside plant applications.
  • Automated setup senses fiber characteristics and sets measurement parameters
  • Manual Expert mode allows simple adjustments to automated settings for detailed testing.
  • EventMap automatically identifies events including connectors, splices, bends, and splitters
  • Gesture-based interface allows fast, in-depth trace analysis
Designed for Enterprise, Datacenter, Outside Plant and PON Fiber As fiber networks evolve, the need to test in more locations has increased. OTDRs are now needed for:
  • FTTx
  • Enterprise
  • OSP
  • PON
Many OTDRs designed for fiber troubleshooting are designed for carrier and contain cumbersome and complicated features. The OptiFiber Pro OTDR family is the first class of OTDRs that is built with features and usability for both the enterprise network engineers, and cable installers working in both enterprise and OSP environments.
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