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Fluke Network FI-3000 FiberInspector™ Ultra Camera

The FI-3000 FiberInspector Ultra offers an extensive feature set that makes testing MPO fiber trunks, cassettes, array cables easy and efficient. The multiple camera design provides an instant Live View with simple touchscreen gestures to move from full trunk to individual endfaces in real time. Touch “TEST”, and in seconds, you’ll get an automated PASS/FAIL result compliant with IEC 61300-3-35. Store results on your phone and share them through text messages, email or use the industry-leading LinkWare platform to store complete project reports including copper, fiber loss, OTDR, and endface images. Compact, ergonomic design with autofocus makes it comfortable and fast even when you’re testing hundreds of cables or ports. “A speck of dust that’s invisible to the human eye can cause intermittent errors or even complete failure on a fiber optic connection. That’s why it’s essential that every fiber interconnect – even on cables straight from the factory – be inspected before it’s connected.” - Mike Hughes, VP of Product Management, US Conec, a global leader in the development and supply of high-density optical interconnects.
Get a Grip on the Most Efficient, Most Complete Inspection Solution Total endface visibility with Live View from full trunk to individual endface Integrates with Versiv™ Cabling Certification System and LinkWare™ Reporting Software for simple operation and documentation or with mobile phones for testing and sharing Optional automated pass/fail results in seconds Multiple Autofocus/Autocentering Camera design for real time imaging Rugged, ergonomic design with convenient holster Supports one or two rows of 8,12,16 or single UPC or APC connectors.
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