Fluke IDA-1S Infusion Device Analyzer

IDA-1S Infusion Device Analyzer The portable, high-performance infusion device analyzer designed for testing on-the-go. Online store FAQ Tax exempt Care Plans OneQA Software Users who want fast verification of infusion device performance, plus the mobility to do preventive device maintenance in multiple locations, prefer manual testing, or only need a one-channel analyzer, will find the IDA-1S infusion device analyzer the perfect choice. It's a portable, battery-operated analyzer that allows for easy traceability of test results without the complexity of other infusion pump testers.
Key Features Integrated carrying handle and lightweight for easy portability Battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous performance for on-the-go operation Compatible with a wide variety of infusion pumps Ensures maximum accuracy with Autostart mode enabling unit to begin testing only when fluid is detected Based on technology that is proven and trusted worldwide On-board memory allows test results storage instantly LCD touchscreen for ease of use Average and instantaneous flow measurement Occlusion pressure measurements to 45 psi Hydrograph graphical software to control unit, display results and print results via PC Global sales, service and support
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