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FLIR T1010 - HD Thermal Imaging Camera

The FLIR T1010 is your entry to the world of outstanding thermal imaging performance. With up to 3.1 MP resolution (UltraMax®), superior thermal sensitivity, and FLIR's most advanced user interface, the T1010 is designed to streamline your workday, and make you the hero. The FLIR T1010 comes with on-board Inspection Route mode so you can download and run survey plans to your camera from FLIR Thermal Studio Pro (with Route Creator plugin). The purchase of a T1010 camera includes a 3-month subscription to FLIR Thermal Studio Pro and FLIR Route Creator.
  • HD Resolution, Wide Temperature Range
    The T1010 records 1024 × 768 true HD resolution images, with thermal measurements up to 650°C (1202°F).
  • Expert Features
    With programmable buttons, an agile GUI, and live image enhancements such as 1-Touch Level/Span, the T1010 has the expert features you need.
  • Compact and Easy to Use
    The T1010 has a robust yet compact frame with a 120° rotating optical block that puts any target within comfortable viewing range.
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