Keysight E8267D PSG Vector Signal Generator, 100 kHz to 44 GHz

Integrated high-performance microwave vector signal generator covers frequencies from 100 kHz to 44 GHz (extendable to 500 GHz) for design and manufacturing in aerospace defense, satellite communications, and broadband wireless.
Master the most complex signals with E8267D PSG Vector Signal Generator The E8267D PSG Vector Signal Generator is the highest performance, fully-integrated microwave vector signal generator from 100 kHz to 44 GHz, allowing you to create realistic wideband radar, electronic warfare (EW), and satellite communications (SATCOM) waveforms.
  • Test advanced receivers with realistic wideband radar, EW, and Satcom waveforms with metrology-grade performance and versatile capabilities
  • Simulate complex electromagnetic environments with up to 4 GHz of bandwidth
  • Flexible, integrated 80 MHz AWG, real-time and baseband generator to simulate cellular, wireless, GPS, and custom communications
  • Reduce the time you spend creating  complex signals with PathWave Signal Generation software: pulse building, noise power ratio (NPR), multi-tone signals, wireless and more
  • Master your most complex signal requirements with the industry’s best SSB phase noise:  143 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz (10 kHz offset)
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