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DICKEY-john Instalab® 700 NIR Analyzer

Patented rotating sample cup which virtually eliminates problems associated with sample non-homogeneity 120 readings taken at 3° intervals and averaged for each wavelength increases the measurement accuracy Optional liquid sample cup has a non-rotation feature for measurement of liquids and oils Easy to use with intuitive color touchscreen, eliminating operator training Stable circuitry eliminates electrical drift and ensures nonvolatile storage of calibrationconstants, eliminating the need for an auxiliary power source Thermoelectrically cooled photo detector eliminates temperature drift Sample cup interchangeability File Management- Storage of 3000 records, analysis data export, and product calibration loading via USB memory stick increase the efficiency of the laboratory post-process analysis USB, Ethernet Ports - Multiple ports for software upgrades, USB devices, printer and peripherals such as mouse and scanner provide greater usability for laboratory personnel  
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