Cobactan® 2.5%

Indications: Cobactan 2.5% is used to treat respiratory diseases in cattle caused by  Pasteurella multocida ,  Mannheimia haemolitica ; interdigital dermatitis of bacterial origin, necrobacillosis and acute mastitis, including those caused by  E. coli ; escherichiosis (colibacillosis) in calves; respiratory diseases of pigs caused by  Pasterella multocida ,  Haemollus parasuis ,  Actinobacillus pleuropneumaniae ; MMA syndrome (mastitis - metritis - agalactia), meningitis, arthritis, dermatitis, as well as other diseases caused by microorganisms sensitive to cefkin.
  • Composition (1 dose):
    • 1 ml of the drug contains 29.64 mg of cefkinome sulfate.
  • Doses and route of administration:
    • Cattle- 1 mg cefkinome / kg animal weight (2 ml of the drug / 50 kg animal weight),
  • Release form:
    • 50, 100 ml.
  • Storage conditions:
    • 2 years at 2-25°C.
  • Withdrawal period:
    • Meat - 8 days,
    • milk - 3 days.
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