Megger CABA Win

Circuit breaker analysis software
  • Pre-defined standard test plans for quick and easy testing
  • Detailed circuit breaker analysis by accurate comparison with historical test results
  • Graphical display of a variety of measurements and timing test results
  • Convenient report generation with MS Word or List&Label
  • Compatibility with TM1800, TM1700, TM1600/MA61 and EGIL units
The CABA Win (Computer-aided Breaker Analysis) program has earned a benchmark reputation in circuit breaker analysis. CABA Win can be used with Megger circuit breaker analyzers TM1800, TM1700, TM1600/MA61 and EGIL. CABA Win organizes all the test tasks and ensures that measurements are conducted in the same way for each object being tested. CABA Win saves the results and generates the report.
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