Butox 50

Concentrated insecticide. Indications:
  • For the control of ectoparasites in sheep and cattle.
Composition (1 dose):
  • 100 ml of the drug contains 5.0 g of deltamethrin.
Doses and route of administration: Cattle  are treated by spraying, the working emulsion is prepared immediately before use. The concentration of the working solution (according to the active substance) depends on the type of ectoparasites:
  • ixodid ticks - 0.00375%,
  • scabies mites: prevention - 0.003%, treatment - 0.005%,
  • lice - 0.00125%,
  • flies, etc. - 0.0025%.
Release form: 1 l. Storage conditions:
  • 36 months at a temperature not exceeding 25 °C. Store separately from food and feed, in a place protected from direct sunlight. Do not store near sources of ignition
Withdrawal period:
  • Meat - 5 days,
  • Milk - 3 days.
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