Atago Ramen Soup Refractometer PAL-96S

This is the essential item in creasing your Ramen.This model can measure not noly the concentration of Soup and Tare but also baume of kansui used during making the noodle. If you are interested in Meister set of refractometer and salt meter, pleas choose Ramen Meister Set. For user testimonials of Japanese famous ramen restaurants, click here.
Model PAL-96S
Cat.No. 4496
Scale Ramen noodle soup Baume Kansui
Range Ramen noodle soup : 0.0 to 53.0% Baume Kansui : 0.0 to 9.9°
Resolution Chinese noodle soup : 0.1% Baume Kansui : 0.1° Temperature : 0.1゚C
Accuracy Chinese noodle soup : ±0.2% Baume Kansui : ±0.3°