Atago Digital Differential Refractometer DD-7

This model measures solutions of low concentration up to 2% at an extremely high accuracy level of ±0.005%. It is recommended for such samples as unsweetened tea and surfactants.2 types of solutions – distilled water as the standard solution and the sample liquid to be measured – are injected into the instrument with syringes.By using a standard solution other than distilled water, solutions of higher concentration can also be measured.
Model DD-7
Cat.No. 3930
Method of measurement Differential optical refraction
Range 0.000 to 2.000% for sucrose is possible to measure samples with refractive index up to 1.50 (nD) by reference solutuion.
Resolution Brix : 0.001%
Accuracy Brix : ±0.005 (for sucrose solution at 30°C)
Measurement Temperature 15.00 to 40.00℃
Dimensions & Weight 36×35×14cm, 6.2kg
Output • Digital Printer DP-AD (Optional) • RS-232C