Atago Automatic Digital Refractometer RX-9000i

Featuring intuitive touch screen technology, the new RX-i series makes navigation and selection a breeze. The RX-i series come with newly added functions, such as USB flash drive and self-diagnosis capability.The RX-9000i features both high accuracy and wide measurement range.This product comes standard with a two (2) year limited warranty against manufacturer's defects from the date of the original purchase.
Model RX-9000i
Cat.No. 3278
Range Refractive index (nD) : 1.29980 to 1.71500 Brix : 0.00 to 100.00%
Resolution Refractive index (nD) : 0.00001 Brix : 0.01% Temperature : 0.01°C
Measurement Accuracy (nD) ±0.00004 (nD 1.33299 to1.42009 at 10.00 to 30.00°C) ±0.00010 (For ranges other than the above)
Measurement Accuracy Brix ±0.03% ±0.05% (For the Brix 50.01 to 95.00%) (Temp at 10.00 to 30.00°C)
Temperature control range 5.00 to 75.00°C
Dimensions & Weight 37×26×14cm, 7.0kg
Output • Printer (for ATAGO digital printers) • Computer -USB
Warranty 2 years standard (3 years with product registration) excluding touchscreen
Pre-programmed special scales Glucose Fructose HFCS-55 HFCS-42 Inverted Sugar Honey moisture Hydrogen peroxide Sodium hydroxide Sodium chloride(w/w) Sodium chloride(w/v) Salinity Ethyl alcohol(w/w) Ethyl alcohol(v/v) Ethylene glycol Propylene glycol Glycerin Urea Urine S.G. Copper sulfate S.G. Vol%FSII(fuel system icing inhibitor)based on ASTM D5006