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9500B Oscilloscope Calibrator

The world's highest performance, fully automated, upgradeable oscilloscope calibration workstation

Oscilloscope calibration can be complex, time consuming and expensive. A significant amount of skilled operator interaction and interpretation is often required to complete the job, and today’s multi-channel instruments frequently mean that a great deal of lead switching is required. Even automated systems require significant manual intervention to complete elements of the most simple calibration procedures. Worse still, switching systems or multiplexers used to enable a degree of automation often contribute more errors and aberrations than the instrument being calibrated. To compound the problem, rapid developments in oscilloscope technology make it difficult to keep up with performance trends without substantial re-investment on a regular basis. The 9500B Oscilloscope Calibration Workstation breaks that paradigm. It means that the benefits of hands-free, fully-automated, accurate oscilloscope calibration are readily available to everyone at a price and performance level that your needs and budget can support, while ensuring that, through performance upgrades, future needs will be met when the time demands it.

9560 Active Head – for ultimate leveled sine performance to 6.0 GHz

The introduction of the latest member of the Active Head family, 9560, once again underlines our commitment to oscilloscope calibration. With our continued focus on securing your investment, the 9560 Active Head is the latest product to fulfill this promise, allowing current users of the 9500 to upgrade their equipment to any 9500B status and take advantage of more recent product and performance enhancements. The 9560 is able to deliver 6.0 GHz leveled sine wave and pulse edges of only 70 ps. Unlike other oscilloscope calibrators, you’re not restricted to fixed amplitude pulses. Active Head Technology™ lets you adjust output amplitude between 4.44 mV and 3.1V, allowing you to check an oscilloscope’s amplifiers right down to their most sensitive ranges. Whatever amplitude you choose, controlled waveshape filtering ensures that all high-speed edges have an accurately defined energy distribution.
  • Full automation provides totally hands-free oscilloscope calibration - even on today’s ultra-high performance, multi-channel, feature rich instruments.
  • Continuous upgradeability helps you protect your investment in the tools you need to manage ever changing workload demands.
  • Simultaneous output on 5 channels means no more lead changing and no more complicated signal multiplexers or impedance matching networks.
  • Leveled sinewaves to 6.0 GHz and edges to 70 ps provide all the performance and flexibility you need to fully calibrate today’s and tomorrow’s high performance oscilloscopes.
  • Fluke Calibration’s unique Active Head Technology™ generates calibration signals right at the oscilloscope input – now there is no doubt whether waveform aberrations are down to connecting leads or the oscilloscope itself.
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