6105A, 6100B Electrical Power Quality Calibrator

The most accurate, comprehensive and flexible sources of electrical power quality and energy signals In 2002, Fluke Calibration launched the 6100A Electrical Power Calibration Standard. The 6100A electrical power calibrator has now been replaced by the 6105A and 6100B. These newer models have the same power quality features and accuracy as their predecessors, to comfortably meet the accuracy requirements for current power quality testing standards. In addition, they feature improved accuracy to match that of the best measurement devices for sinusoidal waveforms. Few systems can match the 0.007% (66 ppm) one year energy accuracy provided by the 6105A for sinusoidal waveforms. Waveforms with high harmonic distortion are delivered with similar accuracy traceable to national and international standards. Choosing between a 6100B or 6105A electrical power quality calibrator depends on your accuracy requirements. Both models meet all accuracy requirements of power quality testing to the IEC 61000-4 series of standards. The 6100B electrical power calibrator can also be used to type test 0.1% to 2% energy meters. Choose the 6105A electrical power calibrator when you need the highest accuracy available for calibrating secondary standard meters, energy revenue meters and type test applications. The 6105A provides the accuracy required to verify the performance of secondary standards such as those produced by Radian Research, Zera, and MTE. Wide workload coverage The 6105A and 6100B cover a wide workload of electrical power test instruments, including:
  • AC voltmeters
  • AC ammeters
  • Current transformers
  • Flicker meters
  • Phase angle meters
  • Power factor meters
  • Power analyzers
  • Power recorders
  • Power transducers-relay testers
  • VA meters
  • VAR meters
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