5322A Electrical Safety Tester Calibrator

The 5322A Electrical Tester Calibrator helps calibration technicians comply with new regulatory standards up to four times faster than with traditional manual, multiple-product methods.The 5322A replaces the 5320A Electrical Tester Calibrator. The 5322A calibrator facilitates compliance with exacting international standards such as the United Kingdom’s BS7671 17th Edition, IEC/EN Standards, Australia and New Zealand’s AS/NZS 3000 and Chinese verification/calibration regulations for various electrical testers. The 5322A combines many functions into a single instrument, replacing discrete resistors, decade boxes and other custom solutions commonly used to calibrate electrical testers. This single-box solution speeds and simplifies calibration because users only need to learn, operate and maintain one calibrator rather than multiple instruments. And while it’s difficult to automate multiple instruments, the 5322A can be automated with MET/CAL® Calibration Software—further increasing speed and throughput. Calibrate all major types of electrical safety testers with just one calibrator. The 5322A calibrates all major categories of electrical safety testers. The benefits of this calibrator are best described by the key functionality it brings to calibrating the individual workloads. Broad workload coverage The 5322A calibrates a broad range of equipment, including: Hipot testers Insulation resistance testers (megohm-meters) including older analog testers Loop/line impedance testers Continuity testers Earth resistance testers Ground bond testers Leakage current testers Circuit breaker testers (RCD/GFCI) Multifunction installation testers Portable appliance testers (PATs) Key features and benefits Continuously variable high voltage resistance outputs source high-ohms, high voltage resistors to enable calibration of insulation resistance testers/megohmmeters up to 5 kV. The continuously variable feature lets the user set any resistance value to match the device under test (DUT) requirement and adjust the 5322A output to a nominal value, which aids in calibrating older-style hand-cranked testers. Active Loop Compensation makes it easier to calibrate the loop/line impedance function of an installation tester by canceling residual line impedance during calibrations. 600 V source (VLC option) allows calibration of ac voltage measurements on workloads with measurement capabilities. This feature is also useful for powering many types of PAT testers. 4-wire low resistance sources enable precision low current measurements and high current ground bond measurements, providing accuracy for testing newer 4-wire testers. Optional 5322A-LOAD 5 kV high voltage load resistors include paralleling capability for precision hipot testing. RCD simulation enables testing of installation and PAT testers with excellent time and current level accuracy. 5322A trip times provide better than 4:1 test uncertainty ratios with 1 % trip current uncertainty. Ripple coefficient and THD measurements display hipot testers' signal purity measurements to 5 kV as required by many regulations. Multiple models give you the flexibility to select the capabilities best suited to your workload and budget. MET/CAL software compatibility automates the 5322A in 5320A emulation mode for improved throughput and greater consistency.