5080A High Compliance MultiProduct Calibrator

Calibration solutions for your analog and digital workload High compliance Protection circuitry Calibrates a wide workload, including analog meters and 3.5 and 4.5 digits DMMs The 5080A Multi-Product Calibrator calibrates your analog and digital workload accurately and economically. Its high voltage and current compliance makes analog workload calibration easy and precise. And built-in protection circuitry protects it against damaging input voltages. This easy-to-use multifunction calibrator can handle a wide meter calibration workload that includes: Analog meters Panel meters Digital multimeters Watt meters Clamp meters (with coil accessory) Megohm meters (optional) Oscilloscopes to 200 MHz (optional) …and more Versatile software applications enable you to record paperless results, and more. Best of all, the 5080A Multi-Product Calibrator offers this versatile functionality at a price that fits nicely into your budget.
This product has 4 variations:
  1. 5080A - Multi-Product Calibrator
  2. 5080A/MEG - Multi-Product calibrator with Megohm Meter Calibration Option
  3. 5080A/SC - Multi-Product Calibrator with Oscilloscope Calibration Option
  4. 5080A/SC/MEG - Multi-Product Calibrator with Megohm Meter and Oscilloscope Calibration Option
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