Pressure, flow and volume measuring instruments

As a company, we use regular measuring devices and methods in accordance with AZS ISO / IEC 17025 to check the correct operation of pressure gauges, and we fully comply with the necessary standarts about them. The calibrated pressure gauges work more accurately and regularly and continue to act as quality assistants in their sector. We have developed and tested using world-renowned methods, we contribute to greater pressure control and conscious control.

All containers and glass tubes with different milliliter measurements are carefully inspected, the volume they carry is measured and the calibration process is completed successfully. The volume calibration we perform with standard and regular applications meets all the needs of those who continue to work in laboratories accurate  results.

Our services include technical and sample manometers, electro-contact, self-recording manometers, differential manometers, vacuum meters and manovacummeters, sphygmometers, pressure converters, remote pressure gauges, safety valves, etc. includes inspection and calibration of pressure devices. Pneumatic and hydraulic pressure measurements are performed in the range of -1 ÷ 1000 bar. The calibration uses high-precision multifunctional calibrators provided by leading companies in the UK and the US.


Devices used: Fluke 700G31, Druck DPİ 104, Fluke 718 300G, Fluke 754, Fluke-Gas-Flow-Analyzer-VT305, Fluke 5514-70 and etc.