Maybo supported project “Kəpəz100k”

Purpose of the project

The “Kəpəz100k” project aims to collect 100,000 AZN for the “Kəpəz” Professional Football Club, which has received a license to participate in the Azerbaijan Premier League competitions from the 2022/2023 season. Contributors can get 1, 4, 9 or 16 pixels from the 7140 pixel graphic soccer field hosted on the web platform.

Graphic stadium information

The size of the virtual football field of “Kəpəz” placed on the web platform is 105×68 in accordance with the dimensions of the real football field. The total number of pixels is 7140. Contributors can get 1, 4, 9 or 16 pixels at a time. The price of 1 pixel is 15 AZN.

What does the donor get?

In addition to showing his support for the club, the donor receives many benefits on the “Kəpəz100k” digital platform. Users’ corresponding pictures according to the obtained pixel dimensions will be placed in the virtual stadium. In addition, the image of the stadium, consisting of photos of donors, will be placed on the club’s bus and will also be reflected on a sign in a selected area of the stadium.

Use of funds

AZN 100,000 collected from people who donated to support “Kəpəz”, nicknamed the “invincible armada” and the third most titled club in the history of Azerbaijani football, will be used to buy a bus for the club, and a report will be made about it to the public.