Mechanical and geometric measuring instruments

Calibration of mechanical and geometric measuring instruments, which is a professional work and closely connected with all enterprises, is a necessary and mandatory application. With the application of the standard AZS ISO / IEC 17025, we carry out this process in accordance with international standards. In addition to our experiments in highly sensitive and laboratory environments, we consider measuring devices. Even if there are very subtle fluctuations, we eliminate them and encourage businesses to work safer.

Many of the most commonly used indicator gauges we are accustomed to must, of course, be supported by calibration. Together with our regular micrometer calibration work, which we have done very successfully, we carry out the really best measurement calibration process. The advanced methods we use in our expert teams and laboratories actually provide higher performance than expected for calibration of measurements.

Devices used: Mitutoyo Calibration Tester, model UDT-2, Mitutoyo, Cera İnside Micro checker Cİ-600C, Mitutoyo, Depth Micro checker, model CD-150, Stahwille 7792 and etc.