5322A Electrical Safety Tester Calibrator

The 5322A Electrical Tester Calibrator helps calibration technicians comply with new regulatory standards up to four times faster than with traditional manual, multiple-product methods.The 5322A replaces the 5320A Electrical Tester Calibrator.

The 5322A calibrator facilitates compliance with exacting international standards such as the United Kingdom’s BS7671 17th Edition, IEC/EN Standards, Australia and New Zealand’s AS/NZS 3000 and Chinese verification/calibration regulations for various electrical testers.
The 5322A calibrates a broad range of equipment, including:
• Hipot testers
• Insulation resistance testers (megohm-meters) including older analog testers
• Loop/line impedance testers
• Continuity testers
• Earth resistance testers
• Ground bond testers
• Leakage current testers
• Circuit breaker testers (RCD/GFCI)
• Multifunction installation testers
• Portable appliance testers (PATs)

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