The TACH20 hand-held tachometer accurately measures rotational or surface speed as well as length. It comes with a large LCD display that allows the user to easily read the measurement. It also has a built in memory function that permits automatic storage of maximum, minimum, average values plus the last measurement displayed. The TACH20 is supplied with all the necessary accessories designed with optimal mechanical stability to ensure accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurements. In addition to the mechanical adapter that accepts a variety of tips, as well as the surface speed wheel for contact rpm measurement, the TACH20 can perform non-contact measurement by using the infrared beam function.

• Rotational speed measurement
• Surface speed measurement
• Length measurement

Product information
• Display of rotational speed
• Display of surface speed in m/min, ft/min and in/min
• Display of length measurement in m, ft and inch
• Integrated measurement memory
• Display shows last, maximum or minimum value
• Optical (non-contact) or mechanical, adapter-based measurement
• Visible optical measurement performed using infrared beam
• Auto power off after approx. 30 sec (data remains saved)

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