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Foss NIRS DS2500 L

Take advantage of the latest development in rapid testing of vegetable oils, sugar and other liquid samples. Test multiple parameters and get consistent results with all monitoring and adjustments taken care of by connectivity-enabled support services. Ease of use and automatic logging of tests empower all staff to deliver valuable tests for constant optimisation of oil production processes. Value-NIRS™ DS2500 L is an expert tool that anyone can operate. Designed for ultimate process control including multiple parameter and factory standardisation. Connected support services ensure consistent performance. Sample Type-Seed oil, olive oil, liquid sugar and other liquid samples in vials or cuvettes Parameters-Free fatty acids (FFA)/Acidity, iodine value, peroxide value, phosphorous, oleic acid, linoleic acid, colour and more. For sugars, e.g. Pol, Brix and Reducing Sugars    
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