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Fossomatic 7 DC

Measuring range- 0 – 10 mill cells/ml
Performance range- SCC and DCSS 50k – 1.5 mill Repeatability*- CV < 8% 50-99k SCC/ml CV- < 6% 100-299k SCC/ml CV- < 4% 300-499k SCC/ml CV- < 3% 500-1500k SCC/ml Sd- < 5,6% at 50k SCC Sd- < 3,0% at 100k SCC Accuracy- < 10% relative mean diff. from DMSCC (Direct Microscopic Somatic Cell Count) Carry-over- < 1% relative Sample types- Cow's milk *CV = Coefficient of variation (STDev/AVG) x 100. (STDev = Standard deviation. AVG = Average)
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