Fluke TPro Electrical Tester

Key features

  • Detect live voltage, see voltage level, even with dead batteries
  • 3 forms of AC/DC voltage indication: light, sound, and vibration
  • Backlit LCD display and hold function for easier viewing

Safer than solenoid testers and fully compliant with NFPA 70E, (when used properly per Article 110.4 Use of Equipment (A) Test Instruments and Equipment), the T+Pro helps electricians and technicians work safer by indicating the presence of voltage, even when the batteries are dead. Additional functionality, such as a GFCI trip, easy to read LCD screen, resistance measurement up to 9.99 kΩ, and a built-in flashlight make the T+Pro the first voltage tester that electricians reach for.

How to use the Fluke T+ Pro Electrical Tester

The Fluke T+Pro Electrical Tester indicated AC/DC voltage in three different ways:




The user will be alerted to the presence of voltage in dark or noisy environments with the light and vibration notifications. And the audible indication can be optionally disabled at the push of a button. Combine those features with the backlit LCD display function and it’s easier for users to see the screen in many hard-to-test areas. The included HOLD function will freeze the display for even easier reading in those areas.

Key safety features

The T+Pro is safety rated to CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V, and is CSA approved. The tester also has a built-in flashlight for highlighting the point of measurement. A GFCI trip is included for testing outlet GFCI circuits. The T+ Pro also includes a rotary field indicator and has convenient probe storage on the back. The product is protected by a two-year warranty.

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