Fluke T5-1000 Electrical Tester Kit with Holster and 1AC II Voltage Tester

Key features

  • T5-1000 electrical tester automatically measures volts AC and volts DC with precise digital resolution
  • Includes easy, accurate OpenJaw™current measurement
  • Displays resistance to 1000 Ω
  • Includes a continuity beeper for quick go/no-go tests
  • All inputs are protected to EN61010-1 CAT III 1000 V CAT IV 600 V. UL, CSA
  • 1AC II offers Voltbeat™ technology and continuous self-test so you always know it’s working
  • Upon detection of voltage, the VoltAlert™ tip glows and beeper sounds
  • CAT IV 1000 V for added protection

T5-1000 Electrical tester helps you get a lot done, fast

The T5-1000 Voltage Continuity and Current Tester is a versatile troubleshooting tool to carry to every job site. Use it to check voltage, continuity, and current with one compact tool. Just select volts, ohms, or current and the tester does the rest. Its OpenJaw™ current measurement lets you check current up to 100 A without breaking the circuit.

Detachable SlimReach™ test probes are customized for national electrical standards. Plus, its tough test leads accept optional accessories such as clips and specialty probes. The test leads stow neatly in the back of the tester, making it easy to carry in your tool pouch. Add the optional H5 holster and you can clip the T5-1000 onto your belt. For lower voltage applications check out the Fluke T5-600.

Other useful capabilities:

  • Features a compact design with handy probe storage
  • Withstands a 10 ft. (3 m) drop
  • Includes detachable SlimReach™ probe tips that are customized for national electrical standards
  • Can stay connected much longer than solenoid type testers
  • Offers Auto-off mode to conserve battery life
  • Fits into an optional holster that attaches to a belt and neatly stows test leads

Fluke 1AC II Non-Contact Voltage Tester – The pocket-sized voltage detector

The portable VoltAlert™ AC non-contact voltage testers from Fluke are easy to use – just touch the tip to a terminal strip, outlet, or supply cord. When the tip glows red and the unit beeps, you know there's voltage present. Electricians, maintenance, service, safety personnel, and homeowners can quickly test for energized circuits in the workplace or at home and even detect miss-wires of an electrical outlet.

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