Olympus WeldROVER

Weld Inspection—Motorized One-Axis Scanner
The WeldROVER™ scanner is designed for customers that require a more stable inspection than what can be provided by manual scanners but need an instrument that’s more economical than the high-production zone-discrimination systems typically used in offshore pipeline construction.
The WeldROVER scanner is a simple, industrial-strength, one-axis encoded scanner that provides fully mechanized automated data acquisition. It is designed to make fast, efficient phased array inspections on ferromagnetic piping or vessel girth welds and long seams with minimal training and setup time. The scanner can be configured with up to six probes for phased array, TOFD, and conventional UT inspection.
Easy to use, the WeldROVER scanner is operated by a simple two-button remote control with variable speeds. The scanner directly interfaces with OmniScan® and FOCUS series flaw detectors without the need for complex software, motion controller electronics, or configuration. A laser-guide indicator helps you manually adjust the scanner direction using the steering lever. This makes it easier to acquire precision data without the need for guide bands, complex tracking systems, or motorized steering capabilities. It is the perfect fit for a company offering fully mechanized, automated phased array (AUT) inspection services. Less than one hour of training is required for customers that have completed the basic OmniScan course.

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