Olympus HydroFORMRexoFORM

High-performance corrosion mapping for rough and uneven surfaces

• Easy gate synchronization with the front wall for OD and ID corrosion monitoring.
• Wedge reflection is eliminated.
• Coupling is optimized.
• Provides excellent near-surface resolution.
HydroFORM utilizes an ingenious water-column concept that eliminates the need for a wedge, thus providing the benefits of a phased array immersion-tank inspection. This concept, which uses a low-flow water supply and consumable gaskets, offers excellent surface conformance and optimized coupling conditions, even on rough surfaces.
By exploiting gate synchronization with the interface echo available in the OmniScan® software, the HydroFORM provides optimum near-surface resolution, precision measurements, and an enormous improvement in flaw characterization over conventional UT.

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