Fiber Optic Tool Kit

Fiber Optic Tool Kit includes:
1. Jonard JIC 186 -1PC- Cutting fiber
2. Jonard JIC-125 -1PC-Peeling the coat of fiber
3. Jonard CTI 1900 -1PC- Slit&Strip round cables
4. VISUAL FAULT LOCATOR VLP-5A -1PC-Locate Fiber Break
5. JONARD JIC-1022 Wire Stripper -1PC-Strips&Cuts AWG wire sizes
6. Jonard JIC 2288 -1PC-Cut steel wire
7. Proskit Wrench 1pk-h026 -1PC-accessorial toolfor splicing
8. Electical type -1PC-Protect
9. Proksit Knife-PD-513 -1PC-Peeling fiber
10. Proskit Assembled screwdriver -8in1-fixing splicing box/terminal box
11. Proskit Nipper TZ-100C -1PC-coiling fiber
12. Proskit Pillers -3PC
13. Proskit MS-153A -1PC-cleaning the lens of fusion splicer
14. Proskit tape measure DK-2040 -1PC-Counting the length of fiber cable
15. Spray Alcohol -1PC- Clean fiber cables
16. Proskit Mini screwdriver 8pk-2061 -6in1-Fixing Screw
17. Proskit FL-506 LED Flashlight -1PC-Using at right
18. Proskit Anti-Fog UV Protective Glasses MS-710 -1PC-Protect eyes
19. Kimtech® Science™ Kimwipes™ Delicate Task Wipers -1PC-Clean fiber cables
20. Protection sleeve fiber optic – 100 qyt -100-Protect spliced fiber cable
21. Proskit Aluminum Frame Tool Case 8PK-750N -1PC-carry case
22. Marker pen -1PC-marking
23. Fujikura CT-06 -1PC-cleave the fiber cable
24. OPM-15A OPTICAL POWER METER, SC/PC CONNECTOR -1PC-test the fiber loss

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