Airstream® Class II Biological Safety Cabinets, Gen 3 (S-Series)

Probably The World’s Most Advanced Energy-Efficient, Quiet, and Compact Biosafety Cabinet.

The Esco Airstream® Class II Biological Safety Cabinet is an effective solution in providing operator, product and environmental protection within laboratories and industrial facilities. With the presence of its DC ECM blower, this is the most energy-efficient Class II Biosafety Cabinet in the world with 70% energy savings compared to AC motor. It also features stable and self-compensating airflow, despite building voltage fluctuations & filter loading. Its large performance envelope is an open declaration of possible safe operating airflow values. Certified to EN 12469, Esco Airstream® Class II Biological Safety Cabinet also has antimicrobial coating on all its external and internal painted surfaces for improved safety.

Key Benefits

Stable, self-compensating airflow
Low Noise and Ergonomic Design

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