T6-1000 Electrical Tester

Measure voltage up to 1000 V ac through the open fork, without test lead contact to live voltage.+ Without opening covers or removing wire nuts. On wires up to AWG 4/0 (120 mm2), carrying as much as 200 A. It will change your job. Safer. Faster. Easier.

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Manuals (PDF) Date
fluke-prv240fs-proving-unit2018-03-11Download file
new-fluke-fieldsense-technology-enables-simultaneous-voltage-and-current-measurements-without-metallic-contact2018-03-11Download file
how-to-use-fluke-t6-electrical-testers-to-take-accurate-measurements2018-03-11Download file
fluke-t6-electrical-testers-with-fieldsense-technology2018-03-11Download file