Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer MS2850A

For next-generation broadband and multicarrier communication system, such as 5G mobile and broadcast satellites

– Built-in 5G measurement software supports efficient development and production
– All-in-one 5G NR/V5G (sub-6 GHz/mmWave) coverage
– High EVM performance due to wide dynamic range (EVM: <1%) - One-button dynamic-range optimization at EVM measurement - Multicarrier batch (all-at-once) analysis - Amplitude/phase/timing difference measurement for each carrier - Maximum analysis bandwidth: 1 GHz - Excellent amplitude and phase flatness performance - Wide dynamic range measurement: >140 dB
– Long-term capture using large memory
– With PCIe/USB3.0 connector equipped
– Transfers captured data to external PC at faster speed than 1000BASE-T

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Manuals (PDF) Date
ms2850a-e18002020-04-13Download file
ms2850a-datasheet-e13002020-04-13Download file