Autofocus Video Inspection Probe G0382A

Портативный измерительный тепловизор для поиска неисправностей в электронике и обследования электропроводки. Поможет найти неисправности электрооборудования, послужит незаменимым помощником любому электрику.

Dirty or damaged optical connectors can greatly effect network performance. The Autofocus Video Inspection Probe G0382A eliminates these issues by verifying the condition and cleanliness of connector end faces during the installation phase where they are easily correctly. Complete connector inspection is performed quickly and automatically with the press of a button including: auto-focus, image centering, analysis and image capture. The detailed PASS/FAIL status as defined by IEC 61300-3-35 is displayed ensuring quality and consistency from connector to connector and technician to technician. G0382A is available for the Network Master Pro MT1000A, Network Master Flex MT1100A and Windows based PCs.

Технические характеристики

Fully automated one-button operation
Automated focus
Automated image centering
Automated analysis
Automated image capture
Highest speed measurement
Easy to read LED indicator displaying status
Compact and light weight
Wide range of adaptors available 



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