Expert Series Fluke TiX500 Infrared Camera

Портативный измерительный тепловизор для поиска неисправностей в электронике и обследования электропроводки. Поможет найти неисправности электрооборудования, послужит незаменимым помощником любому электрику.

Fluke TiX500 Infrared Camera

Easy navigation around hard to reach objects with the industry's only 320x240 IR camera with a 5.7in touchscreen LCD and a full 240° rotating lens

Tablet-sized screen. More details. Faster decisions.
See more details on the tablet-sized 5.7 inch screen, so you can make decisions in the field. Get maximum ergonomics for all day use with the 240° rotating lens. Includes MultiSharp™ Focus that enables you to focus on multiple objects in the image at the same time and LaserSharp® Auto Focus for instant focus on your designated target.

Make decisions in the field
See small details in the image and discover anomalies faster on the 5.7 inch tablet sized touchscreen — the largest touchscreen in its class
Edit and analyze images on camera — edit emissivity, enable color alarms and markers, and adjust IR-Fusion® visual and infrared image blending
Wirelessly sync images directly from your camera to the Fluke Connect® app on your smartphone, and attach to an asset record or work order
Focus near and far in a single image
Capture a clear, accurate image focused throughout the field of view with MultiSharp™ Focus. Simply point and shoot—the camera automatically processes a stack of images focused near and far
Get an instant in-focus image of your designated target. LaserSharp® Auto Focus uses a built-in laser distance meter that calculates and displays the distance from your designated target with pinpoint accuracy
Inspect hard to reach targets
Easily maneuver over, under and around objects with the 240° articulating lens while viewing the screen at a comfortable angle, unlike standard pistol grip cameras
See the details you need, even from far away, with interchangeable smart lenses—2x and 4x telephoto, wide angle, and 25 micron macro —no calibration required

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