Performance Series Fluke TiS10 Infrared Camera

Портативный измерительный тепловизор для поиска неисправностей в электронике и обследования электропроводки. Поможет найти неисправности электрооборудования, послужит незаменимым помощником любому электрику.

Fluke TiS10 Infrared Camera

Easy to use, point and shoot entry level infrared camera with 80x60 resolution - ideal for quick scans and inspections.

Fast and easy operation

Fast and easy operation    
Point and shoot simplicity with 80x60 resolution (4,800 pixels)
See the detail with a D:S of 128:1
One touch image review gallery
Prevent unexpected power loss – replaceable smart batteries with an LED charge level indicator
Rugged and reliable

Securely store and manage your images from anywhere?

Securely store and manage your images from anywhere    
WiFi upload to Fluke Cloud™? Storage
Free storage? with Fluke Cloud Storage
Store thousands of images with internal 4 GB memory and optional 4 GB micro SD card

Save time and increase productivity in the field with Fluke Connect®

Save time and increase productivity in the field with Fluke Connect    
Share images in real-time? across teams with Fluke Connect
Save time and eliminate the need to go back to the office to create reports, now you can create and email reports from the jobsite
Capture multiple measurement types including electrical, mechanical, vibration, temperature and thermal all in one report
? Within your provider's wireless service area; Fluke Connect is not available in all countries
? 5 GB of free storage

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