ARGUS® 42 basic

Портативный измерительный тепловизор для поиска неисправностей в электронике и обследования электропроводки. Поможет найти неисправности электрооборудования, послужит незаменимым помощником любому электрику.

ARGUS® 42 basic

The ADSL Tester
Easy entry into the world of ADSL measurement technology: the inexpensive ARGUS® 42BASIC ADSL Tester offers impressive features such as quick availability and user-friendly testing of ADSL over POTS and ADSL over ISDN. The device is supplied with an IP ping function by default. The checker can optionally support a passive bridge mode.

Thanks to its easy handling, the ADSL Tester requires only few prior knowledge. A menu is not necessary since all of the functions and tests can be quickly selected and started by pressing a softkey. The most important measurement results such as the up- and downstream data rates of the loop are displayed automatically.
The handheld tester can also be configured easily via the PC software WINplus.

Easy operation
The ARGUS® 42BASIC is remarkably user-friendly thanks to its quick availability. This handy tester weighs just 395 g and offers long operating times of several hours.

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