Fluke 414D Laser Distance Meter

Портативный измерительный тепловизор для поиска неисправностей в электронике и обследования электропроводки. Поможет найти неисправности электрооборудования, послужит незаменимым помощником любому электрику.

Fluke 414D Laser Distance Meter

Instantly measures up to 50m (165 feet) with one button
Laser accuracy of +/- 2mm (0.08 in)
Easy, automatic math for area and volume, add and subtract with ease

Put the Fluke 414D on your tool belt and reach beyond the common tape measure - up to 50 meters (165 ft). This professional-grade laser distance meter is fast and easy to use, improving accuracy and reducing measurement errors. You’ll save time and money at every step.

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